I’m setting off for ABQ in fourteen days.

Today I realize that this is not a very long time. By now, I’ve uprooted and headed out and been on the road so much and so many times, that fourteen days seems like an eternity. And still, the next fourteen days will fly by . . . it’s times like this when it seems I’m sliding down a giant rope, feeling every moment whizz by fully. And having an awareness that the end of the rope is coming – and quickly, yet focusing on and enjoying fully the wind in my hair and the rush of velocity.

Which means – I’m not slowing down while I’m still here . . . I’ll fit in as much skating, hiking, time with friends and leisurely naptime as I possibly can right down to the last morning. And then – poof! The rope ends and the free fall begins. Once you get over the fact that your arms aren’t wrapped around the rope anymore, the free fall is no longer scary . . . it’s the next adventure!