I´m going to try, I swear,  to be more positive in 2009 on this blog, to show the lighter side of life, the fun side of life and  those little moments that make humanity amazing. I realize that my blog devolved a bit, especially at the end of last year,  into a diatribes against evil corporations and government entities.

And you know what? I´ve decided that that sort of talk is just BORING. It´s so easy to get sucked in to the machine of negativism that surrounds us and bombards us on every billboard, commericial and news story. I get sucked in sometimes and I don´t even own a television. I´ll admit that sometimes I get sucked in and then I get really, really angry and frustrated and feel like life is futile and that nothing I do matters. And I don´t want to live that way anymore, because it´s not true.

In fact, the opposite is true. Every little thing each of us does matters.

I want to be the good news sunshine break. I want to show a crack of sunlight through the clouds of despair. So, my promise to you, dear readers, is that I will try my damndest to be a beacon of hope and a deliverer of something that will attempt to make you smile in wonderment at how sublime life can be – if we choose to construct it in that way.

Remember that I´m no Pollyanna. I realize that our country is going through turbulent times, but I believe those incidents are manufactured, just like the hysteria that´s eeked out every night on the local news, like a steady stream of poison. And I´m tired and bored with it all. Good moments happen – all the time, all around us, every minute of the day.

So many things go right for all of us every single second. It can be easy to forget that and to lose hope. And I believe that all those corporations with all those billboards only feed on our fear and anger. So, I give it up. No more fear, no more anger. Time to try something new, ´cause the old way just ain´t working for me anymore.