Apparently Alex isn’t dead. There was some cryptic mixed up text message sent out to all his friends – from Alex himself via his wife’s cell phone – that “Alex passed.” And lovable scoundrel that he is, we all just assumed that ‘passing’ in his case meant to the other side instead of . . . oh say . . . passing a test, which is what allegedly happened in reality.

I’m really glad for him that he passed a state test that will allow him to acquire a better paying job instead of being smoked in the street somewhere and dying and all that. I still meant everything I said about him in the post before, though, about him being a loud-mouthed jackass. And I’m glad that I learned a lesson in compassion, too. Heh, Alex, let’s sling some PBR’s back at Foobar next summer and maybe I’ll be able to refrain from being so bitchy. You really are kinda cool.

I suppose I’m just kinda jealous that you censor yourself less than I.