I went to a yard sale a couple of weeks ago here in Albuquerque that some UNM kids were having. I spend a long time digging through CD’s and silverware. As I pay, one of the girls looks at me with her head cocked to one side and slowly says, “Hey, weren’t you Lydia’s roommate?”

I was shocked for a quick moment. It was strange because I was thinking, “Who’s Lydia?” yet at the same time the name was so familiar . . . I hadn’t heard her name since . . . god, it seemed like so long ago, so far away in the distant past . . . but no . . .

“Yeah,” I answered. “For like the first four days I was in Albuquerque. How did you know?”

“I was at their house-warming party,” the girl answered.

I smile and throw my arms in the air exclaiming, “Yes! Only been here two months and I’m already infamous in Albuquerque!”