I just turned off the television.

In my last post, I alluded to the fact that I’m about to step it up a notch in the tech department. I admit, I’m slow to change, especially in the technological realm. I’ve been handwriting my journals and stories for ten years now. Computers and word processors have helped me greatly, but I haven’t really cared too much for tech gadgets like I-pods, digital cameras, I-phones and the like. My phone won’t accept your picture mail and I only recently acquired the ability to text message. I am, Anna the No-Tech Nanner – proudly.

Start talking about ‘Blue Ray’ and I’m liable to think you’re talking about some kind of marine life.

But times they are a-changin’. My roommate Michael and I geek out on giving one another tips on how to travel well, comfortably and effectively. Through watching him, I’ve seen how a few well-made gadget purchases could be a good investment for an artist adventurer. An I-phone is a great example – you can use the thing to listen to music, call a friend, take decent enough pictures and get a Google map to the closest Chik – Fil – A . . . all within seconds. Amazing.

But, there’s something about that much technology right there in my palm at my beck and call 24/7 that makes me want to stay in the dark shadows of regular life. As crazy as this may sound, I really enjoy figuring out a place by way of intuition. It takes longer, sure, but I’m not in a hurry. Besides, I’ve met some interesting folks along the way.

I-phones, with the constant internet connect would mesmerize me and ultimately, I believe change the way I interact with the world. As it is, I don’t turn my cell phone off nearly enough. I like the meandering way I’ve developed of taking in my world. As long as magical moments continue to happen, telling me on I’m the right track, I see no reason to change.

Yet, there is a pull for me to jump in the river of Tech and get a small, sexy, intuitive and most importantly, singular device to entertain me, give me a constant info feed and keep me interacting with the world through it. Wait . . . OK, obviously, I still need to think on it.

Life moves fast for me – always something going on – moving, doing, going. I’m not sure I could handle the increase in pace and speed if I always had an exact satellite tracked road-map. I might forget to stop and smell those spring daffodils.

Which gets me back to the beginning of my rant. I just turned off the TV. It was all ridiculous commercials geared to hypnotize watchers into buying some MORE shit that they really could live without.

I’m going for a hike. To a place where cell signals don’t reach. To see some spring daffodils. As a Lakota elder once said, “Have you ever seen a shy daffodil?” They’re right there – for a short time – if we don’t ignore them. I’ll try to get a snap. (With my digital camera.)