I flew back into Albuquerque yesterday. Someone told me the other day that I’ve got more tour dates than a band. I thought that was an exciting way to look at it.

Last night I picked up my car. Today I packed all my stuff from the storage unit. Tomorrow I begin my drive to Kentucky. I’m couchsurfing tonight with an awesome lady who took me to see foreign projected movies with a whole big bunch of her Latin friends from all over Mexico, Central and South America. We ate the best tacos because they know which taco truck is the best. They are a great crowd and I am very excited that I got to hang with them tonight.

I’m dirty, tired and in the same clothes as yesterday. The same clothes I will be in tomorrow. I’ll be back in ABQ someday and next time I know some solid people to hang with. Tonight as I laid on the deck, the movie playing in the background, I felt the soft warm wind come in and the stars were twinkling above me and there were pinkish clouds hanging in the night sky and everything was effortless and easy. It was a nice feeling . . . a necessary feeling.