Hi! I’m Anna. I believe in marching to the beat of your own damn orchestra. I’m a writer and a storyteller who likes to connect with amazing people, learn new things and explore the world. At it’s heart, this blog is about my personal journey to completely redefine my life. 

You’ve caught me in the middle of

hitting my re-set button.

I left my home of many years in Venice Beach, California in June of 2015. So it felt extra special when they asked me to be Queen of the Venice Mardi Gras for 2016. What an honor! 


That’s my husband, King Matt.  He’s the best – and not just because of his rad facial hair. We totally made our own crowns.

Here’s what we look like normally –

We only wear funky pants.

We only wear funky pants.

The Wake Up Call:

I quit my job counting money for big feature films in late 2014. Because all I wanted to do was sit at my desk and cry. A few months later, on the exact same day that Matt got a surprise lay off from his web development job, our landlord called. He wanted to renovate our hundred year old bungalow. And rent it out to people who’ll pay $300 a night for it.

Ouch! Yay, gentrification. (Not really.)



So there went our home base. We put our stuff in storage and hit the road. I didn’t realize until then how much of my life and identity had been wrapped up in being a roller skating chick who lived in a hundred year old Venice Beach bungalow. 

This is Frank. He’s currently on vacation in Birmingham, Alabama. This is both the worst and best picture I could find of us. 



I can breathe now without his dander in my life, but I miss him terribly.

Matt and I have traveled a lot in the past. But I always had Venice to bounce back to. I don’t have it anymore. Sometimes that’s scary. No one ever said change was easy.  

Re-inventing myself:

I’m writing my second book. I do live storytelling performances for adults, teens and children. I teach storytelling workshops. I guest lecture at universities. Why yes, I would love to visit your school or organization. 

Here I am leading a teen storytelling workshop with Project World School