I got back to LA on Tuesday evening.

I took the bus home, which is always enjoyable, and walked home in my hiking boots through my neighborhood, shifting the weight of my backpack and taking it all in with an outsider’s eyes. Because, my sublettor is already living in my house and so technically, it’s not really my neighborhood anymore for next few months.

I’ve got a very loose plan. All I know is that I have to report to work in ABQ on Monday – and that I have to travel with a reluctant cat. I’ve been bouncing around the past couple of days at friends’ places – while the cat is still at the bungalow. I spent the entire afternoon yesterday in the garden at my house. Heaven. The last minute going away party was great – several old friends showed up, which made my night!

Now it’s Thursday though and the bubble is about to pop. I’m kind of over it all and ready go. Not because I want to go, necessarily, but just because this departure has been dragging. I had a good cry this morning. Part of me just wants to wrecklessly say ‘fuck it’ and hurry the hell outta here. I’m wrestless, all that’s dear to me is packed in my car and I’m going to have a wonderful experience where I’m headed – and just trying to keep breathing – and bouncing – in the right now.