Here’s the deal, friends – I want The Temple Of The Inner Bitch to be about . . . well, your Inner Bitch too, not just my Inner Bitch. So I’m asking all my communities near and far for their interpretations and involvement, especially if you aren’t able to get out there to that great big sinner’s party in desert. Here are a few ways you can be involved:

  • Use your words – You like to pour your heart out on actual real paper? Great! Write a letter (no emails, please) to your Inner Bitch. You can tell her anything . . . rants, gratitude, good, bad, otherwise. Some suggestions: write about what your Inner Bitch has protected you from. Write about any life situation you can think of where you released your Inner Bitch and how that felt – from cathartic to guilty, goofy, ecstatic, experimental, anything goes. There are no wrong answers or experiences. All reactions from all people are welcome. Thank you for your willingness to expose your vulnerability to 70,000+ people. You are amazing.

Note: These letters will be wheat pasted to the structure. Fit what you have to say on ONE SIDE of ONE piece of paper, in indelible ink. I will send you a picture of your letter pasted to the shrine.

  • Artifacts – If you are a more visual person, fabulous.  Draw pictures, sculpt something, bundle up some sage, whatever . . . get your creativity on, because this shrine is going to the craziest arts festival in the world! Knick-knacks, artifacts or anything at all that you think is appropriate and that you would like to offer to your Inner Bitch, please send it on.  This shrine will be ceremoniously torched at the culmination of the Burning Man event, so only send offerings you are ready to let go of forever and ever. Items will not be returned. Items will be vaporized by a giant fire with about 70,000 screaming, loving, cheering, crying, exalted Burning Man festival-goers in attendance. I mean, what a send-off for some shit* you don’t want anymore, right? I will send you a picture of your offering once it is affixed to the shrine.  (*Please don’t just send a bunch of random junk, put some thought into your intention, try to send things that are relevant in some way.)


  • Rando stuff: If you have some random, goofy or weirdo crap that you think would look cool in the shrine, please send it on.  If you have random crafty crap just sitting around that you’re waiting  to use on ‘some craft project someday,’ that day is HERE! If there is a little tangible thing-a-ma-doo in your life that’s saying, “I want to go live with the Inner Bitch,” then by all means, listen to that voice. (If you have an extra pair of truck nuts hanging around that you don’t want, The Bitch really wants a pair of truck nuts!!) Stuff like bells, little tiles, shiny stuff or any kind of accoutrement you think might work out. I’m definitely scouring the flea markets and junk shops but all that searching takes a LOT OF TIME and time is running short. I will send you a picture of your contribution once it is affixed to the shrine.

General guidelines on offerings:

  • Size: There will be sixteen 5”x 5” x 5” cubbyholes in the shrine. Very small items smaller than 5” x 5” for these cubbyholes are greatly appreciated. If you want to unload some miniatures, I’m going to be doing some diorama type scenes in some of these cubbyholes. If . . . say, you have a hundred little king cake babies laying around that you’d like to unload, well then, holla. There will also be room for offerings outside of the cubbyholes, so items of larger size are also accepted and needed.


  • Sustainability: Please keep in mind that since the shrine will be burned, offerings need to be fairly non-toxic. Wooden items are perfect, as are most metals, glass and even painted objects are fine. I’m trying to stay away from plastics and stuffed animals as much as possible. If your offerings are a trash hazard – like say something about them chips or flakes or any bits of stuff falls off of them (ie, feathers, peeling wood shards, paint chips or carpet fibers and the like) then they are NOT a good fit for the shrine.


  • Safety: We are not able to use anything inherently dangerous. If you have any safety questions, please email me or comment below. I’m happy to answer questions about anything you’d like to offer. It’s my intention to use all the items people send, but I do reserve the right to not use something for any reason whatsoever.


  • Deadline: Offerings must be received by July 31st to ensure they will make it onto the installation. Items sent later than that might make it, but no guarantees. So, get to workin’! There’s not much time. The Temple Of The Inner Bitch gets loaded on a truck mid-August.


  • One last thing: The Temple of The Inner Bitch is made possible by a very generous grant from Burning Man. That said, if you want to donate actual cash money to the project, then that would make you an excellent human being. I will gratefully accept any funds you’d like to give toward the project. Burning Man has fiscal sponsorship paperwork in place that they are willing to extend to this project, so any money donated to The Temple of The Inner Bitch could be tax deductible for you – I just have to look into that process and clear it with them.


  • Send offerings to me at:

1036 Saint Ferdinand Street

New Orleans, LA 70117

I thank you, The Bitch Collective thanks you and your own Inner Bitch thanks you for generously sending your worthy offering to her shrine! May she bestow her Bitchy magic upon you. If you know anyone you think would like to make an offering, please share this call to action with them. I’m so excited to see everyone’s interpretations.

### I took that picture above of a Madonna at a temple in the middle of Mexico City in 2005. She sort of reminds me of the Inner Bitch.