I’m to that point in my life when, sometimes, I have camel-toe and I don’t really care.

It’s my roller skating outfit – stretchy sexy matching workout pants and jacket – with racing stripes on the side of the pants. It’s tight, in all the right places. The orange and brown of the suit match my orange and brown skates. The pants pull up in just the right spot, but not too far. This is no exaggerated cameltopia. It’s subtle. It’s sexy.

The other day I wore the roller skating suit to the grocery store (without the skates). As I push my cart down the aisle, there’s a gentleman in his mid-40’s or so totally checking me out. And I catch his glance and smile. He gives me a rather pleasant look that seems to say, “Thank you, lady, thank you for wearing that outfit to the grocery store.”

No problem! So, you see, really I am performing a public service while wearing this outfit – skating the boardwalk or not.