Transformation OR How Sh!t Grows The Prettiest Flowers

How does one transform themselves? It’s not an easy thing to do. The modern world demands that we be the masters of transforming ourselves. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker currently holds ten different jobs before age forty, and this number is projected to grow. Forrester Research predicts that today’s youngest workers will hold twelve to fifteen jobs in their lifetime.

But I’m not just talking about jobs. The need to constantly transform ourselves across all areas of life […]

My Most Important Blog Post You’ll Ever Read

I have a secret. Imagine me whispering it in your ear. Because I sure as hell can’t say it out loud.

I haven’t written for almost a year. An entire year. And I’m not just talking about this blog. I pretty much gave up writing a year ago. I told myself, “I’ll get back to it.” But I haven’t. If you’ve asked me how my writing is going in the past year, whatever I told you […]

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