The Heartland Roadtrip Wrap-Up


Wow, I don’t know where to begin. The past few days have been wonderful and funny; strange and sentimental. The past five days flew by, yet there were often slow moments of awkwardness, where time seems to stop. I never spent one second completely alone, and that for me was strange. I suppose I could have gotten up early in the mornings and take a walk, for we were certainly in some gorgeous rolling countryside […]

Commune Waitresses, A Dirty Sock and Kentucky Di-rections

We three sibs kick our great American road trip off with a Wednesday evening dinner and an American Idol viewing at Bailey’s restaurant on the Broadway strip in Nashville. We ask our waitress to take our picture together and she asks where we’re from and what we’re doing on our vacation. After explaining that this is the only the second time we’ve ever spent time together and that our story is ‘complicated,’ our waitress shrugs […]

Second Time EVER Hanging Out With Both My Siblings

I’m heading off toward the Heartland!

And when I get off the plane in Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow afternoon, both my brother and my sister will be there to greet me. And it will only be the second time ever in our lives that the three of us have all been together! We will stay in Nashville one day only, then drive to Illinois to visit our 90-year-old grandma and then we’ll circle around and visit our […]

I still shoot film too.

I will always shoot film as long as it continues to be manufactured. I enjoy alternative processes. I enjoy the tangible nature of film. I enjoy shooting it, and knowing that each frame that advances is precious and often the energy of film’s finite nature transfers to the final picture. I like playing with and manipulating Polaroid emulsion by hand. Nothing in a digital program can take the place of true infrared filmstock or true […]

What is an artist-adventurer, anyway?

What is an artist adventurer? Everyone always asks . . .

The capacity to be an artist adventurer is in each one of us.

Becoming an artist adventurer has been a very personal journey for me over the past few years. It all began on a dark Georgia freeway nearly ten years ago. My life was very different and I certainly wasn’t living life on purpose. As I drove that early Christmas morning before sunrise, I dreamed […]