Scooby-Doo eyes at The Cadillac Restaurant

Dad wanted to take us out for dinner the first night we visit him in Owensboro. We all load up in his Chevy conversion van. Mom, who has had four major back surgeries in recent years, lies down in the backseat, chaffuered like a queen, with her little Chihuahua, Linus, perched on the ample shelf of her cleavage. The rest of us pile in. A belt in the engine strains out a constant squeal as […]

Commune Waitresses, A Dirty Sock and Kentucky Di-rections

We three sibs kick our great American road trip off with a Wednesday evening dinner and an American Idol viewing at Bailey’s restaurant on the Broadway strip in Nashville. We ask our waitress to take our picture together and she asks where we’re from and what we’re doing on our vacation. After explaining that this is the only the second time we’ve ever spent time together and that our story is ‘complicated,’ our waitress shrugs […]