How To Make New Friends Via Ceramic Duck Larceny

Hey so, in case you’ve been under a rock and didn’t know . . . I now live in New Orleans, in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood. I’m pretty good at making new friends, but I thought I’d tell you all about this new friend-making technique that worked well for me.

One of three blighted properties next door. The one-legged junkie named Clarence usually sleeps in there.

Our new […]

Heartbroken To Tell You I’m Leaving LA

I’ve been nauseous all day trying to write this post. But first, let’s go way back . . .

Way back at the turn of the century, as I prepared to leave Nashville for Los Angeles, my dad and I stood outside together looking up at the night sky.

“You know because of light pollution that you won’t be able to see any stars out there in Los Angeles, right?” he said.

Sax Synchronicity

Today I was thinking about this dude I know from around the Venice ‘hood who always rides his skateboard barefoot while playing his saxophone. He cruises through town bringing a sense of peace with him. And sometimes you can be out near the beach in the twilight when the cold and the fog and the wind kicks up enough to send you home . . . and then from the mist, you hear the peal […]

Losing Things in the Venice Storm Drain. . .

Venice has wide storm drains on every corner. It’s quite easy to accidentally drop things into their depths. Fortunately, if you drop something in the Venice storm drain, whether it’s skateboard or cell phone, bong or crack pipe, surfboard or dog . . . there is help out there.

A few months ago, my friend Frenchie came over. I pull up around dusk via Schwinn bicycle to witness the typical sort of arrival that my best […]

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Camel Sexy!

I’m to that point in my life when, sometimes, I have camel-toe and I don’t really care.

It’s my roller skating outfit – stretchy sexy matching workout pants and jacket – with racing stripes on the side of the pants. It’s tight, in all the right places. The orange and brown of the suit match my orange and brown skates. The pants pull up in just the right spot, but not too far. This is no […]

Where are you right now, anyway?

If there’s one question I heard the most last year, it was that one. That’s one reason why I’ve started this blog. Whether it’s a road trip, a work assignment, camping or backpacking, I find the most joy out of life when I am on the move, on the road and meeting people or seeing and experiencing something new. And last year, well, it was just really difficult for anyone, sometimes myself especially, to keep […]