For my road map of 2016, I was encouraged to compile the most complete, hilarious, serious, bold and unabashed list of my positive traits – of everything I have going for me. A love letter to myself of sorts – to refer back to during the upcoming year. To remind me of how awesome I am in the moments when I’m feeling overwhelmed, freaked out, less than and hopeless. A strategy for getting that awful shit-talking, lying brain-weasel loop in my inner dialogue to chill the fuck out.

I encourage you to try this exercise too. You can also take it one fun step further. Ask your friends to add to your list. In return, tell them in very specific, unabashed terms exactly how awesome they are. It really flipped a switch in my brain. Let us know how it works for you. Here’s my list.

I’m genuine. Smart. Street-smart. Tough. Courageous. Brave. I listen to my gut and the little wise voice inside my head (different than the fearful voice). I know the difference between the two voices. I have an excellent, supportive partner with a stable, wonderful family who loves me. I have friends I can count on. I bring people together.

I lived for 14 years in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in one of the most expensive cities on the planet and thrived. I inspire people. I’m incredibly resourceful when it comes to getting paid in unusual ways for unusual things. I’m kind, helpful, friendly. I’m colorful and weird, and goofy. I excel in public speaking. I’m great at organizing tangible items and also organizing events. I’m thrifty.

I’m a master at assessing and anticipating people’s unverbalized needs and smoothing out situations. I am assertive. I’m not afraid to address the elephant in the room. I can move on, forgive and I know when not to. I am a master at understanding business politics at a Hollywood-entertainment level. I have an associates degree in Film. And a master’s degree in Hippie. I’ve killed a few idols. I’ve had sex at the Playboy Mansion.

I know how to work the system. I know how to show up. I know how to re-phrase and ask again. I know how to negotiate. I know how to make important people really like me and want to help me. I’m laid back and can seriously roll with some punches.

I make award-winning bean and corn salad. My fried chicken is some of the best in the world. I’m an excellent driver and parallel parker. I’m an efficiency master – I can streamline rote tasks and make them faster and more error-free. I can drill down and focus on details. My clothes are fucking amazing. I don’t mind doing dishes. I’m very giving and creative with my space and resources to friends and fellow travelers. I am good at opening myself up for helpful synchronicities.

I speak all-right Spanish and I speak perfect English and can have a southern accent if I want to. Or not. I am a good imitator. I’m an artist adventurer! I know some of the BEST people in the world, from all walks of life. I have a big heart. I dwell in possibility and positivity. I like to laugh really, really loud. Weird awesome stuff happens to me all the time. I can cook tasty, non-boring healthy macrobiotic food – as opposed to the stuff that tastes like pebbles and twigs. I can shake it. I’m very expressive and an amazing performer!

I can throw things really far. I can say no. I can say yes. I’m healthy. I’m pretty – on the inside and out. I have long, luxurious hair, bright blue eyes and excellent calf muscles. I always wear a hat and shades.

I feel like I have a magical hand that guides me. I’m lucky, I’m blessed. I’m unique. People open up to me. I’m trustworthy. I’m really fun. My guardian angels are top-notch. I’m insightful, self-aware, funny. I write amazing letters. I’m loving, warm, compassionate.

Basically, I’m a magical fucking unicorn.