Wow! I was offered a chance to go to the Pacific Northwest to be part of a dance at the end of February. All winter long, I’d been looking forward to the chance to go. Then, I was offered the job in Albuquerque and my start date was to be one week before the big dance.

I didn’t say anything to my boss, because she is already extremely generous to me in my requests for off-time. I was content knowing that maybe I could go next year. But I prayed that maybe my start date would get pushed by one week.

And . . . AND! I got the call this morning. I will be starting work two weeks later than planned. Now, I’m all in a-flurry . . . . getting plane tickets, making phone calls and getting prepared to do the work required for the dance.

Earlier this morning I was a bit confused because I am not only packing to move for eight months, but I’m also in the midst of setting up my art studio this week. Now, I’m packing, setting up my art studio, and planning a detour on an island in Puget Sound. Then I’ll come back to Venice, pack my car and road trip to ABQ! Somehow, I have more energy now that there is suddenly more on my plate. I don’t know how, but there is.