I just won a contest sponsored by Beth at wanderlustandlipstick.com by submitting unique eco-travel tips . . . here are my winning suggestions. I won a really cool portable water filtration unit called a Steripen. Thanks Beth, for sponsoring this contest! I can’t wait to get out there and be someplace where I need to use my new toy.

Here are my Eco Travel Tips –

* Carry a flat plastic universal sink stopper to plug up sinks or shower drains and save water.

* Invest in a metal/vintage razor with removable blades. They are sleek, sexy and NOT plastic. You don’t need a moisturizing strip, contrary to what Gilette may have taught you to believe.

* Pick up beach glass in lieu of shells. The shells on the beaches in Puget Sound, for example, are being depleted by scavenging humans more quickly than they can be replaced. Beach glass is awesome for any kind of art project and all the pieces are unique, plus the act of collecting it helps the planet!

* My spoon has traveled 10,000 miles. It’s saved me from using countless plastic sporks.