So, I don’t like to get into discussing politics too much, mostly because I feel like all sides are in it for themselves first. I generally believe in voting for the lesser of all evils. But dammit, I just have some things to say and some observations to share from the various communities I’ve encountered during this campaign debacle . . .

McCain’s campaign posted ads this morning claiming McCain’s victory in this evening’s upcoming presidential debate. What??!

It’s been interesting being on the road during the pre-election time. I don’t know what Kentuckians are thinking because we didn’t talk too much about any kind of politics. Those folks are just trying to keep food on their tables mostly. I saw disturbing signs of economic turmoil out in the country – restaurants slashing their operating hours, unemployment, fuel unavailability – all in an isolated area without alot of money or prospects to begin with. They do, however, really like tractors and Jesus. So, I bet I know how the voting will go – at least for those who will vote, and you can bet that many will not.

Texas, where our current village idiot in the White House is from, actually has a broad base of Obama support – at least in Austin where I’m staying, so that’s nice to see.

In Illinois, the heart of Obama’s campaign, my grandma said, “Hey, how do you like our upcoming lady vice president?” I just grumbled a response and she followed with a surly reply of “Well, then I just won’t talk about how I’m voting.”

As my friends and I sat around last night drinking beer and living the good life and seriously discussing the crumbling economy, someone piped in that the bailout is basically the current regime’s plan to spend all of the upcoming administration’s funding before they have a chance to use it. That made sense to me. Someone else suggested that since Congress wants to bail out America with $700 billion, that they could just cut a check to every single American. I think that’s a nice idea.

If you’d like to read quite possibly the only instance of The Onion newspaper telling the truth about something, check out their editorial expose on Palin. Lots of laughs, but unfortunately, it is all indeed true.

All of you folks who joked four years ago about jetting to Canada – did you ever think it could possibly get any worse? I thankfully don’t watch the idiot box  TV, but every once in awhile I’m in a room with it and this morning I heard a reputable news channel playing in the background and the circus and sensationalism sounded more theatrical than a movie trailer – because my dears, that is exactly what it is. Oh, what we are being sold.

Yes, there are real problems with our economy. The enormous growth we’ve seen in the past decade plus has been built upon a hollow foundation. A market will always correct itself. Problem is, our growth was way too fast to ever be sustainable. Kinda like every facet of what’s happening on our planet. The current trend of humanity is to think in a linear way, ever wanting to grow and expand, never thinking of the circular nature of things. Kind of like the whole concept of when you pick flowers, you never pick them all, you leave some behind to re-establish the population for the next time you gather. Well, not only have we picked every single flower, but we also have over-extended the credit of many years of flower-picking, if you get my metaphor.

I have a real bad feeling in my stomach these days. A feeling that in one year, two years, twenty years . . . who knows . . . that the truth will come out and it will stink even more than Enron . . . and that the pockets of many on the top of this giant pyramid scheme will be fattened yet again at the expense of everyone else.

And so it goes. Status quo. We’re all still kinda fat and mostly happy, and this is enough to keep us hooked in to allowing them to do . . . whatever . . . they . . . want. And the Republicans basically think/believe/want to bring about the second coming of Christ. Seriously, it’s part of their version of Manifest Destiny.

So, I say in the spirit of my friend Kurt Vonnegut, let’s go ahead and let the excrement hit the air conditioning. Because one of these upcoming days, it’s going to anyway, so let’s see how we all can deal with hard stuff . . . ’cause I sit and listen to my grandma (yeah, the one who’s voting badly) talk about growing up during the Great Depression. We don’t know what hard times are. I don’t want to see them per se, but I’d really like to see more Americans with the testicular fortitude to see beyond what we’re being sold and to do something about it instead of simply allowing the circus to perpetuate.