We’ve all had the flu before – but for me it had been awhile, so I’ve decided to lay down some handy pointers . . .

Before flu season begins, stock up on medicine, just in case.

It is imperative that you do this before you actually get the flu. Once it hits, let me remind you that you will not want to get up off the couch. All you want is that night time, sniffling, sneezing, coughing . . . yeah, you know the one, the one you DON’T have in your medicine cabinet. If you wait til you’re feeling like shit, you’ll stumble into the pharmacy in your jammies and slippers, completely disoriented and you’ll pick out the TheraFlu, like I did. And that stuff tastes fabulous, like hot lemonade, but it just doesn’t knock you on your ass like good ole Nyquil. Learn from my mistake. Have the good stuff on hand.

Soup. Fresh home-made soup is necessary upon first onset of symptoms. Chicken soup is good. Hot and sour soup is good. Matzah ball soup is best. If you are girl-scout-level prepared, you’ll have some homemade chicken soup sitting in the freezer. Needless to say, I did not. Stumble into a local restaurant and order the largest container of soup on the menu. To go. ASAP.

Warm snuggles. Hopefully, you’ve got someone awesome to call and warm that soup up for you, feed you your medicine and take care of you a little bit in an intimate and comforting way. It sucks to be really sick all by yourself. By the time you are well, it may be your turn to do the comforting.