Last year, I lived in various hotels for about four months out of the year, and I’ve learned a few things about soulful hotel living.


I don’t carry much with me when I’m in hotel mode, but here are a few things that I never leave home without.

1.     Lights – Christmas lights save me every time! I hate flourescent hotel lighting, so I simply string up some warm lights and – voila! – instant feel-good vibes for my temporary home. Basically, ‘home’ is where the christmas lights are. And candles are a good atmospheric touch – sexy and they smell good too!

2.     Fabric – Swaths of fabric or sarongs or saris are good to cover up anything that is ugly – from window treatments to hotel bedspreads and the like. (Sometimes I toss a cover on the TV, too.)

3.     Personal “luxury” items. Being on the road can be emotionally draining, so it’s nice to have some small things in my suitcase that are conducive to the ‘at-home’ vibe. Some of my own personal luxury items include a very well-made foam memory pillow,  a spoon that’s travelled with me for about 10,000 miles now and an antique porcelain cup for my toothbrush. These small things make me feel settled even when all of my clothing is crammed into a suitcase in the corner!

 Also pictured is a folding papasan chair I brought along for my cat originally, but since it’s pretty and it folds nicely, I think it will be added as a staple to my hotel life package. It’s so much more chill than the chairs provided!