Well, her nose finally stopped bleeding. Her main concern was that she’d be all bloody for her party and have to shove  wads of cotton up her nose. That and she was having trouble deciding between three different outfits to wear. In the end, she said that her 90th birthday party was even more exciting than her wedding day – she said it was the most exciting day of her life. I’m glad she was able to enjoy it and not worry about all the little stuff, although she was very concerned about one of the table cloths being excessively wrinkled. She forgot all about that when the people began to arrive.

My aunt and uncle and  I have been working on this, thinking about this shindig and planning the entire year. It was stressful. She’s worth it though. Now that it’s over I sort of feel like I can get on with my own business. I’ve been galavanting the United States most of the year with the intention of pointing myself in her general direction by July and honestly hadn’t had much time to think beyond last Saturday where I’d let the winds carry me next.

So, I’m figuring that out . . . oh, within the next few days.