I called my Mom today.

She told me about all the layoffs that are happening at all the plants around the rural part of the US where she and my dad live their simple life that I so admire. “Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of people hurting,” she said. “They all have these big homes and big cars and now they can’t pay for them if they get laid off. They should have thought ahead and not stretched themselves so thin.”

“I agree,” I said.

“And,” she continued, “your dad was driving a route that delivered car parts, but he’s quit that route because he’s seeing that industry slow down. He’s got a new route.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked. “What’s he delivering now?”

“Oh, he’s found a route delivering toilet paper, dinner napkins, paper towels. Stuff like that.” She laughed. “He figures that people will always need toilet paper!”

Indeed. For the record, I still support cutting back on paper product usage in order to save money, but I thought I’d share this little synchronicity, since I just ranted a couple of days ago about these very products. I’m certainly glad that my dad has a job. And I’m certainly glad that my mom and dad taught me good lessons in foresight.

Ahhh, everything is so inter-connected it blows my mind sometimes.