What a great day!

A day where we all go into the street and actually look one another in the eye and smile and breathe deeply and ripple out “Happy Thanksgiving!” to complete strangers in a glorious peal of laughter and we mean it. A moment of opportunity to reach out to others and realize that we’re all made of the same stuff. A time that the blood pressure is down because everyone moves slower, reaches out and the cities and towns just seem a bit quieter.

This year, I got all sappy.

It’s not always been this way.  Sure, I’ve had a majority of sappy and glowing Thanksgiving holidays. But, I’ve also had tearful Thanksgivings and Thanksgivings full of dread and awkward feelings. I’ve thrown up several times at late night Thanksgiving after parties from trying to wash the absurdities of the day away with strong liquor.

The craziest year was the time when my grandpa’s new wife insisted that both sides of the entire family watch a video called “All About Dialysis” while we ate a take-out turkey dinner with them. Yeah, I’m fairly certain I puked that year.

But generally, I’m thankful for the stories my elders tell. I’m thankful of those little moments when Grandma is making the gravy and she’s got flour stuck to her fingers and while her back is turned, someone feeds the dog a little scrap of turkey. I’m thankful that my Mom and Dad are the sort of folks who take serious mid-afternoon Thanksgiving nap-marathons if that’s what they feel like doing. I’m thankful for family and friends and the wacky wonder of life and all the characters I meet along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you have reasons to be sappy and happy and thankful and full of love and bounty – today and every day!