This is it! It’s almost all packed up. Damn, I have alot of clothes. And I stopped counting shoes at 20 some pairs. Some last minute cleaning, maybe if I still feel like it and then, I hop on a plane later today. I’m to that point where I’m just kind of done. If it’s not packed, it’s not going.

After I leave today, I’ll be floating and sort of homeless til March 2. The floating is a high. It’s like the deepest, calmest breath welling up inside of me and it carries me out into the world . . . where I’m free and moving to the beat of my own feet, truly.

Today my plane lands at the Seattle airport. Then the journey will take me on two separate car trips and one ferry ride and by this evening I will be sleeping soundly in a cabin on an island in Puget Sound.


The one thing I’m looking most forward to is the clear air space. Something happens when you leave LA. The chatter finally clears. Yeah, the actual physical quality of the air is cleaner, but the actual chatter leaves, too, and you can finally think again in a way you’d kind of forgotten about. Clean, clear, simple . . . the brain doesn’t quite feel like it’s doing jumping jacks anymore.

So, I’ll be incommunicado til Monday . . . have a great weekend!