Yesterday, when I showed up at the office wearing not a shred of green, someone said to me, “Anna, I’m shocked that you forgot St. Patties day!” Well . . . OK, I must admit . . . . it just wasn’t on my radar this year because of a little shenanigan that happened in mid-December called “SantaCon.”

Take about 150 friends dressed in all various forms of ‘Santa’ , causing trouble at local malls, parks and bars . . . . kmo_4616.jpg . . . and drinking yellow snow lemonade . . . and gettin’ the cops called on us . . .

. . . and about four hours later, you’ve got ‘Santa-AnnaTude’ sleeping at Formosa Cafe, puking behind a plastic tree and squealing, “I just don’t know how this happened!” between heaves . . . kmo_4764.jpg

 . . . and ever since that fateful day, my body has said, “Ho means HO! We’ll be having none ‘o that pot o’ gold!”