Yesterday morning had all the makings of what could have led me to have a bad day.

I was crabby because I left the hotel late to drive to work, forgetting the face to the car stereo and then when I arrived to the gate, there was a line of cars waiting at the guest guard shack. Why did I pull up to the guest guard shack? Well, because I just haven’t had time to go and get my ID photo taken. Now, I was late, my boss was in a meeting and I was supposed to pop into the meeting. At this rate, I wouldn’t make the meeting at all.

I waited in line at the gate for at least 20 painful minutes. Finally I gave in, did some deep breathing, put on my make-up and looked at the mountains all around me, but was still restless. The guard knows me and saw me squirming and brought me a pass. The office was all a-bustle when I blasted in the door, loaded down with purse and briefcase. I needed coffee – stat. To compound my frustration, I was becoming increasingly annoyed because my boot zipper caught the inside threading of my skirt, pulling sequins off and making me trip.

As I stood there, barely inside the door, frazzled and pulling at the snagged thread of my hippie skirt, trying not to fall on my face, someone began asking me questions about her paperwork and it was all I could do to say through a strained grin, “Can we please discuss this after I get in the door at least?”

I unthreaded my skirt at least five times before I got to my desk, I just know it. Where’s that coffee? Why’s there so much paper on my desk? Why is everybody asking me all these questions!!!! Argh! My fashion emergency was about to catapult me into the land of bitchiness. And all of a sudden, it came from nowhere.

Sitting at my desk, I began to chant, “I am going to have a good day,” very lightly at first and building with intensity until I was booming. “I AM GOING TO HAVE A GOOD DAY! I AM GOING TO HAVE A GOOD DAY.” My office-mate just kind of gave me a strange look. Someone dialed my extension from way down the office bullpen and said, “Hey Anna, Are you going to have a good day?”

“Yes,” I laughed. And I did.