I hate to call my girlfriends out like this, but I’ve noticed that most of the women I know all still use some kind of tampon with a plastic applicator. This is a pet peeve of mine. While I’m still not to the point where I want to use a cup instead of a ‘feminine cigar,’ I highly recommend that all women use an applicator-free tampon. I will forever maintain that you will get to know your own body better if you don’t use an applicator – srrrrsly . . . if you can’t touch yourself, who can?

I read an article in Mother Jones Magazine last fall about how the world’s oceans and beaches are getting inundated by plastic applicator trash. We as women are supposed to be closer to Mama Nature, but the tampon industry, in an effort to market ‘useful’ things, have forgotten to remind us that these applicators often end up spoiling our land.

There’s not much of anything more nasty than walking the beach after a heavy rain and seeing a used applicator poking out of the sand. Just sayin’.