1. I don’t own an I-pod.
The ubiqitous billboards advertising them are enticing, yes, but I already live in my own colorful world. I’d rather be plugged in to real life when I’m walking down the street.

2. I don’t own a high-tech phone . . . ie, Blackberry, I-phone
In fact, I just last year got a new/used cell phone that can accept ur txt msg. Besides, I lose stuff, so better it be someone’s old cell phone from Craigslist than an expensive portable hard-drive.

3. I don’t own a TV.
And don’t miss it. I figure when I move to a retirement center, I can catch up on “Friends”. That’s right, if you hang out with me, we actually have to talk.

4. My car is older than the year 2000.
According to “The Millionaire Next Door”, most people who have amassed any sort of wealth do not have car payments. Or in my case, if you want to work less and live more, having no car payment is the way to go.

5. I walk/bike when/where I can.
To an extreme even, meaning that oh my god, yes, I will brave the Los Angeles Mass Transit System, which is a complete joke, when I can. Besides, sometimes seeing the world flee past in a car is just too fast. I need to be able to stop and smell the jasmine!

6. Never used Netflix.
Nope, not once. I still walk down to Windward Circle and pick out my videos, which I must mention is a rare activity as I probably only do this a few times a year. Keepin’ it local. Think about all the fuel energy it takes to ship that stuff to you. I’d rather have face-time with a real human at the video store. I’m shocked that Main Street Video in Venice is still open. Remember to support your local small businesses!

7. I got library cards in several major metropolitan areas and I know how to use ’em!
Yes, it helps that I have a few librarian friends, including MightyBob, but I swear I acquired the Chicago Public Library Card legit and without his help! Anyway, borrowing books is much less expensive and there’s no gamble – if the book sucks, you’re not out-of-pocket.

8. Most chain grocery stores, especially Whole Foods, scare me.
People! I grew up on a farm in the Midwest. I know what real produce looks like and it ain’t at your local chain store, no matter how many ‘organic’ stickers they slap on that melon. Real tomatoes are bulbous and irregular in shape and never mealy. Real produce is not perfect and not-surprisingly, it actually has flavor! Get up early on Farmer’s Market mornings and support your local small farmer. They need it more than anybody else.

9. Never met a thrift store I didn’t like.
Most of the time I can find better and more unique clothes while thrifting than in a department store. Same for yard sales. I’m a sucker for older well-made items.

10. Cooking from scratch rocks!
If you need some tips, my friend’s Food Rockz site will convince you that food indeed, does rock. Our interface with food is important. Slow down, taste the satisfaction of knowing that you are feeding yourself by way of your own actions. It’ll taste better than anything you will ever find from a shiny bag, a labeled can, or a glossy box. And you will be giving yourself the timeless gift of less stress and more time to do the things you love.