I’m heading H-O-M-E . . . (at least for a lil’ while) and I’m so excited about it!!

I told Matt that I was going to strap him to the roof of my car and take him home with me. Apparently that was convincing, so he said he’d rather ride inside the car with me, you know, so he wouldn’t get rained on. We’ll be stopping off in Austin, Texas for a week or so on the way back. One of the reasons we’re heading back in a leisurely fashion is because my sublettor needs to stay in the bungalow until the end of October.

So that means Matt and I and Frank the cat need a house to sit or a room to rent for most of October. I’ll be putting my stuff in the art studio. We don’t take up much room. We’re fun as hell. And Matt’s a damn good cook – I’ll be pimping him out to cook meals. I’m looking for takers!