I’m in gypsy mode until October, this I know for sure. I am VERY happy about this. I’ve had offers to hang out on two different farms in two completely different climes. A friend has already cleared out a spare room in her Chicago brownstone and calls me weekly, insisting I move in. One of my dearest friends just finished his house in the Sacred Valley of Peru and said to me last fall, “Anna, you know one of the extra bedrooms was built just for you.” Another friend has volunteered his place as a Northern California launchpad, should I want to follow the hankering to acquire a little cabin in the Redwood Forest. It’s nice to have options. And great friends and family.

My stuff is still spread across three states – bungalow in Venice, art studio in Mar Vista, a storage unit in ABQ with all my personal effects and art projects that I want to work on for this year. And my car is parked at a lot near the ABQ airport – where it will stay most likely til the beginning of August.

I’m most likely heading to Nashville in a couple of weeks. Going to go watch some lightning bugs do their dance out in the middle of nowhere. That sounds just about perfect. I’m still traveling with my cat, and thankfully, he’s less reluctant now than when we first began our adventure together in February. I’m keeping it simple for the few weeks after I finally jet out of South Carolina (and, really who knows when that will be) – I’m going to try to make it all around Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and possibly Missouri without having to rent a car.

match_kids.jpgI’m also kicking around the radical idea of skipping that thing in the desert this year. Shocking! I really love BRC and it saddens me to think that I may not be sniffing playa dust this Labor Day. The theme is “The American Dream.” And serendipitously, my American Dream is within grasp and could be very well catapulted forward if I can just stay put this summer (within reason, of course) and find a spot without distractions and get to the doing.

‘Cause these books are already written, if you know what I’m saying. I just have to sit down and write them.