Channel The Magical Unicorn For 2016

For my road map of 2016, I was encouraged to compile the most complete, hilarious, serious, bold and unabashed list of my positive traits - of everything I have going for me. A love letter [...]

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Muck This Interview – With Artist Jules Muck.

Venice Beach artist Jules Muck talks about what it was like developing her fine art chops from the roots of the graffiti world, how she saved her art from rehab and we dish on how [...]

The Sistine Chapel – A Blank Canvas For Smells

Years ago, when I was all full of bullshit and youthful idealism about travel, I liked to get all dreamy-eyed and say to anyone who would listen, "I want to know what the Sistine Chapel [...]

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My Christmas Present To Lizette. And Myself. A Moratorium On The Word “Stupid.”

It started as a vision I had one morning this summer on our road trip. I woke up before daybreak in the steamy Florida gulf, hung over from one too many rum runners the day [...]

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Living In Mexico – Sort Of, For Now . . .

Living in Mexico - sort of, for now . . . with a general overview of the last six months . . . So Matt and I basically raced across the United States and Europe [...]

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Triple Graveyard Party in Transylvania

One of many graves decorated for Day of The Dead. Targu Mures, Romania Like I said yesterday, Halloween isn't a huge deal in Transylvania. Day of the Dead is what it's all about. [...]

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Transylvania For Halloween Or Bust! (With a Lederhosen Wig)

Matt and I made a big deal about making it to . . . bwah-hah-ha . . . Transylvania for Halloween. Guess what? They don't even celebrate it much here. Vampires? Eh . . . [...]

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Gettin’ Weird In Transylvania

Sighisora, Transylvania But, unfortunately, not like you might think. Wednesday was our first day in Transylvania, full moon rising and a thick fog rolling in. So far, so good, right? We get settled [...]

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A Snooze-baru Is Born

Our plan was to give up the bungalow and jump into the great unknown of traveling the world for about six months with a loose plan, starting with a three month summer loop around the [...]

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Living The Dream Is Hard Sometimes

So - Truth? Everyone who hears about the trip Matt and I are on says, "You guys are LIVING THE DREAM!" Yeah, I guess so. But this trip has been challenging. I don't expect anyone [...]

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