The Aggravating Singaporean Tissue Issue

Sure, sure . . . Singapore is that weird place where they hang tourists at the airport on Friday afternoons for any kind of drug possession, but are completely OK with a red light district. [...]

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Negotiating A Rent Controlled Buyout

You or someone you know is going through the exquisite pain of negotiating a rent-controlled buyout? I've been through it. Here are a few suggestions. But first . . . a few disclaimers. I am [...]

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Giving Up The Bungalow

On June 1st of this year, after fourteen amazing years, I gave up my precious Venice bungalow. One of the only places ever in my life that has felt truly like home. It was the [...]

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Labskaused In Hamburg

Today I decided to try what I found described on the internet (Oh, the interwebs!) as a "Hamburg specialty not to be missed, but that was sort of . . . well . . . [...]

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Hopping Back On The Merry Go Round

Hi. It's been a long time, friends. I'm hopping back on this merry go round of blogging. Here's what's going on, short version: Matt and I gave up our Venice bungalow on June first of [...]

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Blood -N- Guts At Haw Par Villa

  My favorite cheesy attraction in Singapore by far is Haw Par Villa (pronounced Whore Paw Villa). As an Ang Mo, of course I love it for the pronunciation of the name alone, but the [...]

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The Most Caucasian People In Singapore

My husband and I are *the* most Caucasian People in Singapore right now, I guarantee it. We have traveled to this equatorial city-state to be a part of a very traditional Chinese wedding. (Well, except [...]

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99 Problems But A Fucking Brain Squirrel Ain’t One (Anymore!)

I can't be the only one. Ever get a Brain Squirrel? Let's be clear - I'm not talking about squirrel brains, you guys, that's totally gross. And apparently, squirrel brains are an overlooked delicacy, but I [...]

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The Day I Almost Ran Over A Banker In My Hooptie-Mobile

These days, everyone hates bankers, but I decided one day to take it a step further. But in my defense, he kinda had it coming. I don't even know his name, but I knew him [...]

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My neighbor, Lou Diamond Phillips

Or as I refer to him - to his face - LDP. (He's my buddy, I can get by with that.) It all started some time last year. I was at a storytelling show in [...]