There´s this super cool couple that Matt and I know in Cusco, Nilton and his girlfriend Muncie. We hang out with them all the time, they take us to the local places in and around Cusco and are just all round great people.

 Nilton is an artesano. His jewelry is AWESOME. He makes all this stuff by hand and his designs are nothing like anything you will ever see anywhere, except maybe Cusco, but even then, his work stands out among all the rest. And I´m not just saying that because he´s our friend.

In an effort for shameless promotion of a friend´s work, click here or go to to look at some of his stuff.

I will be bringing home some of his jewelry for myself. When you see it, you will want some of this work. I promise. So, check out the link and if you want me to bring something home for you, I will. It would be best if you want something that you paypal me at the address listed on the contact page of my website. I will charge only Nilton´s prices, which average about 35-45 USD per piece, usually less, depending on how complicated it is or how rare the stones are. Also, he uses exclusively South American stones, most of them are Peruvian.

If you wait until I come home and you want to buy something, I will be bringing extra, but I will also be charging extra . . . and I´m not going to bring too much back with me. I have other things to do than become a jewelry seller, but I do really like Nilton´s work and want to help out a fellow artist.

Again, you will never see this kind of handiwork in the states and you will never see it at this kind of price, either, so order up! I´m leaving Cusco in less than two weeks, so hurry.