When I jetted out of Columbia, South Carolina a few days ago, it was a mighty hasty departure indeed.

I had the best time working on that movie. I met the best people in the worst of circumstances. That happens sometimes. When they told us that we had 24 hours to pack up accounting, I just wanted to throw up. And I just wanted to leave town and disappear for a few days.

I was flying to Tennessee, but had only a loose idea where I (and the cat) would be staying in the next days, but I wasn’t sweating it. Sure enough, everything worked out. A friend called me and offered me her place for the Fourth of July weekend since she was going to be out of town.

It was LOVELY. I stayed in bed pretty much for three days solid, read a novel and just decompressed in general.

Today, I’m in Nashville. I’ll be here for a few more days, then I’m meandering northward to Illinois. I just kind of free-floating these days and right now am not sure where I will live/journey to in the next couple of months. I have definite plans, I’m just not sure yet where I will carry them out. It’s a-comin’.