Where else in this world can you just show up around noon, eat a leisurely lunch and do all of the following before 5PM?

  • wander in unannounced at the dentist´s office and book an appointment for the next business day.
  • find an old plastic Pepsi bottle filled with snake oil (that would be snakes and oil) at the market for 1 sole.
  • walk into a vision center, get an exam on the spot and pick up your new glasses three hours later.
  • find an alarm clock, camera battery and a mouse trap in an electronics/home repair center that´s 10 times bigger and better than Home Depot.
  • fit in a chiropractic session.
  • Hike into ¨The Temple of The Condor Heart¨ for a good cleansing and then randomly meet a shaman everyone´s been telling you about. (That admittely, was before lunch.)
  • order 1000 business cards. (ok, I just met with the guy today and have to go back with a design later . . . )

I still didn´t find the face mask with three faces that I´m looking for. My coffee shop was closed, as was my hippie chai shop. And no kids asked me if I wanted my boots shined today.

I feel productive.