. . . . a kind of ultimatum note. For myself that is.

Holy hot damn! I’ve only got seven days before shipping out to the Seattle area for the Naraya dance. And then flying back into LA, collecting the cat, and the very next day getting in the car for twelve hours. I’ve got alot to do before leaving. It’s gonna be nutty. Buddy.

I suppose my body just told me who is really in charge. Got smacked down hard yesterday with the flu and have not been able to leave the bed. Which brings me to my point, I suppose. I realized I’ve been so hyper-crazed and trying to get so many in-depth projects finished that I haven’t been taking care of myself very well. Hmfph! Guess I’m not invincible.

I’m kinda relieved to be off my own hook on this one as I must admit that a good dose of fuck-it-I-don’t-care-about-anything has been the best medicine! Not to mention the flu-tastic effect of quickly losing those unwanted holiday pounds.