SideShow Frank’s Journey . . . Of Love, that’s my cat. ‘Frank’ for short – and he came to me already with this name, btw. He’s a mythic cat, thus the long name. From his humble origins, to his hippie days living in a Volkswagon van, to his many friends in the neighborhood and around the globe, he lives his own life. Through a twist of fate, we ended up sharing the bungalow. Every time I’ve ever left town, I’ve left him in the care of a sublettor or house-sitter. This time, though, he’s going with me on the adventure.

Three days left before I leave. And just like every other time, I will leave without him, but only for a few days. Frank knows that something is up. He’s seen this many times before. He’s following me back and forth to my car, watching me very closely, to see what I’m packing.

When I get home from Seattle in a week, I’ll scoop him up and we’ll be off. I have no idea how we will fare in the car together. And then, the new house . . . And then, the dogs . . . I’m wincing. It’s gonna be a whole new world. If anyone has any suggestions for traveling with cats or introducing them to dogs, let me know! I’ve never done this before!

I’m assured that the dogs are ok with cats. I think that part’s gonna be OK. Frank himself, is part dog. A cog, perhaps, or a dat.

Shown above: Frank in Kitty Porn position