Tourist season is back in full swing. And so are the strikes in the Cusco region.

But, I say, ¨People of Peru . . . Go for it!¨ The strike on transportation that happened yesterday was for a damn good reason – the giant Bechtel corporation is trying to privatize the water in Peru. This is BAD, BAD, BAD for the Peruvian people . . . water is life and it belongs to everyone. Bechtel has been systematically privatizing water throughout South America with disatrous results.

So, just know that if you come to Peru, that yes, there may be a strike. This means that you could get stuck somewhere for a day. At the worst, you may miss your plane or the train to Macchu Picchu may not run that day. Yeah, it´s all a real big bitch for tourists, but the Peruvian people need to show their government that selling their water rights to a giant corporation is NOT OK, and this is how they do it – by organizing transportation strikes.

So, please support the strikes. Talk to the people. Let them know that you agree with them. And, don´t use transport on strike days. (You´re not going to be able to anyway.) Sit back, relax. Climb a mountain.

Today was the day after the strike and huge rocks still lay in the roads . . . as though the people are ready to strike again if need be.