I’m tired. Can’t think of words. But, suffice to say, I’ve emptied the bottle of the two buck Chuck and now my wonderful boyfriend Matt is here to pick me up. I’m going home, going to bed.

When I left for Albuquerque in February, I’d just taken a studio space and was offered a distant location job one day later, so the space became a high priced storage unit. Now, fast forward to November and two full days of work and wine and I’ve turned this space around from mere storage space to fully functioning art studio.  Two days ago, I was literally crying – with real live tears, buckets of them – just ask Matt, he’s the one who kissed them away – because I needed a space to shut out the world and get to work.

And now it’s done. And now I’m tired (and kinda drunk). And can’t find words. But that’s ok, because I’m excited about tomorrow, and those words that I live my life for will be there, waiting for me to set them free.