Ha! The joke was on me yesterday.

I’ve been to the Sunshine Theatre here in Albuquerque twice now. And have not gotten in either time. The Sunshine Theatre is known for it’s awesome shows. I’ve seen many a night where the line to get inside the door is wrapped around the block and down the street – people shivering in the cold, just waiting to get inside. The Sunshine Theatre is supposed to be the best place in all of Albuquerque to see a show. I wouldn’t know.

The first time I went, it was to see Winger. And as you can read about here, apparently 11 PM is too late for Kip. But yesterday was a show I’ve been anticipating for a week now. A cat circus! Now that’s entertainment.

And we got there, braving the whirling spring time winds and . . . . stood in line with a bunch of kids who were maybe just old enough to be in college. And we rocked that line anyway. The bar was closed. Barstools up on the bar kinda closed. No humans in sight. Certainly no performing pusses. We’d even called before we left work early to go to the show.

“Hey!” The kids in line were asking people as they walked by, “Are you here to see the cat circus too?” And people would kind of stare with a big deer in the headlights kinda look, quickly nod their heads ‘no’ and scuttle on down the street. Suckers! We know they were totally there to see performing cats, too, but didn’t want to be caught standing in line . . .

The radio station had been promo-ing this thing all week. Hey! Wait just a minute . . . .

We knew then that we’d been duped. And my first inclination was to look for hidden cameras. Also don’t you know, there were three pay lots, all with attendants, happily waving people over to take their six bucks to park.

Even though I’ve never actually set foot inside the Sunshine Theatre, I know that I like the place already. Two times trying to get in; neither time successful. And I still laugh. I will never forget that The Sunshine Theatre in ABQ has a sense of humor. Priceless. Thanks for getting me out of work a half an hour early, Sunshine Theatre!