Why am I up before the sunrise when I am gloriously unemployed for the next two weeks? Well, it’s Super Tuesday . . . am I am working the polls today in Venice.

So come on down . . . VOTE! People will roll in via wheelchair, blades and skateboards. I worked the polls about a year and a half ago when the democrats took the house back over. I figured that because it’s California and everybody knows how the California vote will turn out that numbers showing at the polls would be low. But, we were busy all day long.

The other pollworkers had been working that precinct for years and said that turnout was unusually high. This was encouraging for me, someone who never used to care about our political system. And that day, I did become someone who cares about our political system. For a variety of reasons, but mostly, to be informed and to be part of the process. Small change leads to big change. Not only in the political system, but in one’s self.

And the people . . . I met people who live in my town. I even ran into one guy who I used to vaguely know from Nashville. We had no idea we lived in the same town again. I met voters who had just turned 18 and I was the one handing them their ballots for the first time. The precinct manager pulled me aside and spoke to me for a very long time, telling me that I should apply for a Fulbright Scholarship and giving me advice about it. Later, he introduced me to a community leader of a non-profit that deals with something I’m passionate about.

So, I’m excited I’m working the polls again. Maybe I’ll get to be the one who gives out the little “I Voted” stickers today . . . .