100% Sis-tah!

Back in January, my brother and sister and I went on a roadtrip. During this road trip, my sister and my father did a DNA test . . . It’s a long story. You can read a bit more on it here.

The results are back . . . and . . . drumroll, please . . . my sister is my 100% sister! We got the same mamma and the same daddy. This is a […]

The Who’s Your Daddy DNA Testing Company

During the Heartland Roadtrip of January, my sister and my Dad performed a DNA test to satiate their long-standing curiosities regarding the issue of whether or not my dad is my sister’s sire as well. We definitively know who her mother is, and we do have the same mother. We know who her father is not . . . . He is not the large black man, who, in addition to my father, also […]

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Knock, Knock, Knock-in’ on Mama’s Door . . .

Here’s the lowdown. I’ll tell it like it is, so that everything is clear and there are no questions.

My mother has some serious brain trauma problems that stem from several sources. She had an accident as a child which initially delayed her development and within the past several decades has endured some documented spousal abuse from her second husband, which has resulted in at least two hematomas. I’ve thought alot about blogging about this kind […]

Second Time EVER Hanging Out With Both My Siblings

I’m heading off toward the Heartland!

And when I get off the plane in Nashville, Tennessee tomorrow afternoon, both my brother and my sister will be there to greet me. And it will only be the second time ever in our lives that the three of us have all been together! We will stay in Nashville one day only, then drive to Illinois to visit our 90-year-old grandma and then we’ll circle around and visit our […]