Back In The Burque

I flew back into Albuquerque yesterday. Someone told me the other day that I’ve got more tour dates than a band. I thought that was an exciting way to look at it.

Last night I picked up my car. Today I packed all my stuff from the storage unit. Tomorrow I begin my drive to Kentucky. I’m couchsurfing tonight with an awesome lady who took me to see foreign projected movies with a whole big bunch […]

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Bustin’ Out O’ The Burque!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit unstable. I knew I was moving, but wasn’t sure where or when or how . . . . my roommate and I finagled our way out of our lease, so whoo-hoo! I’m free to roam again . . . and that’s exactly what I’m going to do . . .

Sunday morning, Frank, the cat and myself will fly from ABQ to Columbia, South Carolina for […]

Stress Is My Junk

I’ve been doing research into stress and the chemicals that stress pumps into your body and how some people get almost high on it.

I get edgy and my heart beats fast and I feel like I’ve had ten cups of coffee . . . my nasal passages open up so I can breathe fast, shallow breaths. Everything moves like sound that is sped up. But it’s the electricity firing off in my brain that really […]

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Kicking Ass Inside The Sunshine Theatre

I’m happy to report that the third time was the charm. I finally got inside the Sunshine Theatre last night after two failed attempts which you can read about here and here. Last night’s show was my first heavy metal show ever. I went straight from work, not really looking like a head-banger, but I felt relatively safe in my chunky boots and I tried really hard to wipe the smile off my […]

Already Infamous In Albuquerque

I went to a yard sale a couple of weeks ago here in Albuquerque that some UNM kids were having. I spend a long time digging through CD’s and silverware. As I pay, one of the girls looks at me with her head cocked to one side and slowly says, “Hey, weren’t you Lydia’s roommate?”

I was shocked for a quick moment. It was strange because I was thinking, “Who’s Lydia?” yet at the same time […]

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The Stats on The After Math

Wow, ironically, that title sort of sounds like a bad accounting pun, I realize, but here are the truths and the stats and the low-down and the what-for.

First, let me say that the past couple of months, even before I took this job, I kept finding myself in situations where I could and many times did use the power of my words to hurt, harm and invoke. I’ve decided not to do this here. Yeah, […]

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G-Unit Neighbors

Our expansive Albuquerque pad is dubbed by my roommate Michael and I as “G-Unit,” because our unit is “G.” (For an apartment letter, it’s definitely the best one to have, – so gansta. . . yo.) G-Unit sits smack in the middle of sort of an odd space. Adobe house on one side, an alley on the other, the Christian Science Reading room on the opposite side of the street and a large bank with a […]

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Sunshine Theatre April Fool’s Joke

Ha! The joke was on me yesterday.

I’ve been to the Sunshine Theatre here in Albuquerque twice now. And have not gotten in either time. The Sunshine Theatre is known for it’s awesome shows. I’ve seen many a night where the line to get inside the door is wrapped around the block and down the street – people shivering in the cold, just waiting to get inside. The Sunshine Theatre is supposed to be the […]

The REAL Reason My Necklace Broke!

I worked in The Burque for one week last November. When I was here that last time, I splurged and purchased a fine silver and turquoise Pakistani necklace from a Swedish woman with an intense handshake who runs a new-age type crystal shoppe/bookstore. I wore the necklace to my next destination, Chicago, whereupon, the very next day, one of the platelet hinges snapped. Admittedly, this happened while I was dancing super-hard with a bunch of […]

Luxury – sort of.

I hate to keep harping on the whole housing in Albuquerque subject, but folks . . . ! It ain’t easy findin’ good digs in The Burque, yo!

I’ve finally settled into this awesome condo, but it too has it’s definite down side. It’s VERY expensive for ABQ. It’s exactly 35.29% more expensive than my bungalow rent in Venice Beach, California, just six blocks from the water and in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in […]