Rollin’ Along The Congaree River

Roller skating the winding, woodsy bike path meandering for miles along the Congaree River in Columbia, South Carolina yesterday was very much like a metaphor for my life lately.

I’d heard that the bike path along the river was perfect for roller skating. Up until hearing about the river walk, I was trying to find a good empty lot or parking garage, but all the locals said, “Oh, check out river walk . . . ”

Either […]

Bustin’ Out O’ The Burque!

The last couple of weeks have been a bit unstable. I knew I was moving, but wasn’t sure where or when or how . . . . my roommate and I finagled our way out of our lease, so whoo-hoo! I’m free to roam again . . . and that’s exactly what I’m going to do . . .

Sunday morning, Frank, the cat and myself will fly from ABQ to Columbia, South Carolina for […]

What is an artist-adventurer, anyway?

What is an artist adventurer? Everyone always asks . . .

The capacity to be an artist adventurer is in each one of us.

Becoming an artist adventurer has been a very personal journey for me over the past few years. It all began on a dark Georgia freeway nearly ten years ago. My life was very different and I certainly wasn’t living life on purpose. As I drove that early Christmas morning before sunrise, I dreamed […]