Gettin’ Weird In Transylvania

Sighisora, Transylvania Sighisora, Transylvania

But, unfortunately, not like you might think.

Wednesday was our first day in Transylvania, full moon rising and a thick fog rolling in. So far, so good, right? We get settled in our little hostel room and hear a big commotion outside. On the front porch steps, a lady at our hostel is freaking out on two policeman. We walk outside to see what’s […]

A Troll Behind The ATM

Last night, our little group headed out to Five Points in Columbia, South Carolina to grab some coffee. Along the way we had an altercation with a notorious local.

Hardy stops to grab some cash from a free-standing ATM  located outdoors next to a brick wall on it’s own tiny island of concrete inside what possibly may have been a flower bed at one time. In a sudden split-second, just like a cartoon character, an extrememly drunk (and […]

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