Transylvania For Halloween Or Bust! (With a Lederhosen Wig)

Day Of The Dead Lederhosen Beer Lady Matt and I made a big deal about making it to . . . bwah-hah-ha . . . Transylvania for Halloween. Guess what? They don’t even celebrate it much here. Vampires? Eh . . . Romanians know the real history of Vlad Tepes and yeah, he impaled a bunch of people in his quests to protect the country […]

The Stop ‘N Stab

So last week after we got back to the farm from our Memphis excursion, we decided to check out a bar in Springfield, Tennessee that the locals call the ‘Stop ‘N Stab.’ We’d heard lots of tales and warnings, but wanted to check it out for ourselves.

We couldn’t find it at first and stopped at a local liquor store to get directions.

First, we inquired about Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. I’m here to tell you […]

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