Moonlighting As A Georgia Peach

Last weekend, I decided to visit Holly D., my old friend from high school, who I very serendipitously and unexpectedly re-connected with several weeks ago. I’m working in South Carolina right now and she just happened to move to Athens, Georgia right about the time that she contacted me. Athens is only three hours away from Columbia. I had the weekend off, so I decided to go for a visit and explore Georgia.

I won’t […]

Throwing A Cog Into The Human Robot

I’m nursing a Starbuck’s addiction, but that’s a whole ‘nother post for a whole ‘nother time. It’s become my guilty pleasure and I’ll write more about my corporate coffee opinions and my struggle with them later . . .

“I’ll take a triple grande soy latte,” I said to the unnamed girl at the counter.

“And your name?” she asked.

I don’t like to give my name. I don’t ask for theirs. I want to be incognito. I […]

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