I Love You Guys – Thanks For Being My Community


I’ve never made any kind of art this big before. When I got the acceptance email for The Temple Of The Inner Bitch shrine back in March of this year, I was immediately nauseous – and the feeling didn’t break for almost a week. Then I realized the nausea was FEAR and that I needed to re-frame that fear if I wanted my project to be successful. So every single time my stomach lurched, (which […]

Sup-ah Tuesday

Why am I up before the sunrise when I am gloriously unemployed for the next two weeks? Well, it’s Super Tuesday . . . am I am working the polls today in Venice.

So come on down . . . VOTE! People will roll in via wheelchair, blades and skateboards. I worked the polls about a year and a half ago when the democrats took the house back over. I figured that because it’s California […]

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