The Livin’ Is Easy . . .

My friend Kyle and I caught up last night in Champaign – Urbana. I was literally about to get in the car and drive off when I got his phone call. I’m so glad I stayed. I met Kyle and his family through couchsurfing a few years back and we’ve remained great friends throughout the years. We hadn’t caught up for a couple of years.

Kyle is one of those people who thinks about […]

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Breaking The CouchSurfing Hiatus

If you’ve never heard of the incredible traveler’s database of couchsurfing.com, you should check it out. I’ve happily been an active member of that gypsy community for three + years now and the experiences I’ve had with it color my life just about every day. I’ve crashed and been crashed upon countless times, always with plenty of adventure – from streaking in Boise, Idaho all the way to drinking Coca-cola at 3AM in Lima, […]