Dante’s Disco Inferno Taxi

It is 9:30 AM, and we just finished buying bus tickets. We want to get a cab to downtown Cusco, get some lunch, go to the bank and then return to this bus station on the outskirts of town just in time to hop on the afternoon bus bound for Quillabamba. That’s when we see him . . . well, to be more correct, we hear the thumping . . .

Across the street sits a […]

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Real Artesano Jewelry For You

There´s this super cool couple that Matt and I know in Cusco, Nilton and his girlfriend Muncie. We hang out with them all the time, they take us to the local places in and around Cusco and are just all round great people.

 Nilton is an artesano. His jewelry is AWESOME. He makes all this stuff by hand and his designs are nothing like anything you will ever see anywhere, except maybe Cusco, but even then, […]

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Stalking Tourists In Cusco. . .

I promised to post dorky shots of tourists in Cusco.


Stalking them has become a new fascination of mine – the longer their lens the better. It can be difficult to be covert, but I´m getting the hang of it.

Seriously, though . . . This guy won´t have a camera or a backpack for long. Neither is secure on his shoulders. Easy pickins for a theif. . . Don´t be […]

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Bus Nearly Rolls Off Cliff!

Every week, some Latin American paper runs another story about how somewhere in some South American country, some bus falls off a cliff. The bus I was on yesterday came really close to rolling backwards off a cliff and it was scary as hell. And the strangest part of the whole story happened right before I left to go to town, as I said good-bye to Matt.

¨I´ll see you later,¨ he said.

And from out of nowhere, the thought came, […]

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Running Errands In Cusco

Where else in this world can you just show up around noon, eat a leisurely lunch and do all of the following before 5PM?

  • wander in unannounced at the dentist´s office and book an appointment for the next business day.
  • find an old plastic Pepsi bottle filled with snake oil (that would be snakes and oil) at the market for 1 sole.
  • walk into a vision center, get an exam on the spot and pick up your new glasses three hours later.
  • find an […]

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The Strikes/Los Paros

A relatively new Peruvian phenomenon are strikes, or los paros. If the strike lasts a longer than a day or so, then it´s called la huelga. In any case, the people of Peru have only recently begun to implement strikes as a form of protest. Usually the strikes revolve around transportation, which can make getting from town to town difficult for locals and tourists alike. (Such a bitch when you´re trying to get to Maccu Pichu, ya […]

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